WEST SUFFOLK MOTOR CLUB LTD (Trading as West Suffolk Motorsport Club)

Health and Safety Law does not generally apply to Clubs such as WSMC that are
comprised of volunteers running the Club without any employees, however WSMC
strives to apply high standards to all aspects of health and safety in its activities.
The Club applies processes to insure the safe running of its events as far as
reasonably practical. In turn the Club expects every person participating, whether
competitor, official or spectator shall take all reasonable care for the health and safety
of themselves and others who maybe affected by their acts or omissions during
WSMC’s activities. Accordingly, as a minimum, events will be managed in accordance
with Motorsport UK rules and guidance (see Motorsport UK Yearbook). Health and
safety considerations apply to the preparation and setting up of events as well as
running the events. Some venues may have specific potential risk uniquely associated
with them and owners may require set procedures.
The Club via the Council of Management will allocate key duty holders for events who
will be experienced or trained to undertake the duties in accordance with the rules and
guidance provided by Motorsport UK. New inexperienced persons will be mentored
and given training to enable them to successfully undertake the duties. Duty holders
will issue instructions to participants attending events including what to do if an incident
The Club’s procedures will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure
health and safety arrangements are appropriate.